Now...You can enjoy snug fitting rings that stay safer, more COMFORTABLE and look more BEAUTIFUL on your hand than one that twists and flip-flops around your finger. FINGER FIT gives you this easy and wonderful way to enjoy your rings.

Have you been putting off the selection of a new diamond or are your diamonds sitting in your jewelry box or safe deposit box because of a knuckle problem?

Wait no can choose from our complete selection of FINGER FIT shanks and be assured a perfect fit every time!

FINGER FIT was invented by a well-known jeweler in 1951 and has been successfully used by thousands for over five decades. FINGER FIT is an expandable hinged ring shank. It allows your ring to open, pass over your knuckle, close and lock for a comfortable fit. FINGER FIT is a precision-made, hinged ring shank that must be installed on your ring by a jeweler or goldsmith. 

Sold in fine jewelry stores and repair shops throughout the world.

How does FINGER FIT work?

It opens 3 sizes to pass over the knuckle, then closes to fit the smaller part of the finger where the ring is worn.

What is FINGER FIT made of?

Yellow gold, white gold or platinum.

Are there different qualities?

YES...10 Karat, 14 Karat, 18 Karat and platinum.

Do I have to buy a new ring?

NO...the hinged FINGER FIT mechanism replaces the lower half of your ring.

Where can I buy FINGER FIT?

At your favorite fine jeweler or repair shop.

How good is FINGER FIT?

The FINGER FIT company has been in business since 1951 and hundreds of thousands are being worn. FINGER FIT was awarded the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval in 1959.

What will FINGER FIT do for me?

FINGER FIT will keep your beautiful rings from twisting and turning on your finger.


The FINGER FIT is the best value of any hinged ring. 50 years of precision manufacturing, superb hand assembly by skilled technicians, and a 15 point quality control inspection has made FINGER FIT quality a true leader for over 50 years.

How much does FINGER FIT cost?

In response to a national survey, jewelers said that for a standard 10K FINGER FIT with basic installation, the price started at as little as $165.00. The price can vary by region, the type of customer's ring, any necessary additional repair work, and the width and karat of the FINGER FIT purchased. [Based on $325.00 Gold]

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