How to Buy

If you’re a jeweler, our ONLINE STORE is the most convenient way to order FINGER FIT. Please setup a customer account (above) and we’ll send you instructions on how to access the ONLINE STORE.

If you're not a jeweler, or you’re looking for a FINGER FIT for your existing ring, you should go to your local jeweler.  We supply FINGER FIT to jewelers all over the world.

What is Finger Fit?

FINGER FIT is an expandable hinged ring shank. Once installed, it allows your ring to open, pass over your knuckle, then securely lock for a comfortable fit.

Made in the U.S.A.

FINGER FIT is precision-made in the USA, and must be installed on your ring by a jeweler or goldsmith.




About Finger Fit

FINGER FIT was invented by a well-known jeweler in 1951 and has been successfully used by thousands for over five decades.  FINGER FIT is sold in fine jewelry stores and repair shops throughout the world.